4-star S Hotel Resort & Spa Vetulonia Riva del Sole – Territory and surroundings info

Riva del Sole Resort & SPA is a 4-star S hotel offering 155 rooms and a 3-star residence with 182 apartments set within a beautiful pine forest, which provides shade, relaxation and tranquillity. The structure is close to Vetulonia.

Choosing our structure also means having a wellness centre (with sauna, Turkish bath, massages, swimming pools and gym) and all those services that make a holiday memorable and extremely relaxing: restaurant, poolside bar and private beach, essential services such as medial assistance and pharmacy and all at a very short distance from the best attractions of the Maremma.

Vetulonia: between the Etruscans and “Palla eh!”

24 km from Castiglione della Pescaia and from Riva del Sole is Vetulonia, a village which, together with Roselle, is one of the most important Etruscan sites of the area. The site of the archaeological area of ​​Vetulonia was discovered in the late nineteenth century and is characterised by the presence of atmospheric necropoles surrounding the town of Poggiarello Renzetti, Costa Murata and Costa dei Lippi.

It will be easy to find the very ancient shaft tombs in which cremated remains were buried, the pits that gradually replaced vertically bounded burial so that the space dedicated to each family was recognisable (including the Circolo di Bes, the Circolo dei Monili, the Circolo del Tridente) and the monumental tombs called Tomba della Pietrera and Tomba del Diavolino. Clearly, all the remains found can therefore be seen at the archaeological and art museum of the Maremma or at the Archaeological Museum of Florence, as well as in the area (in fact at Vetulonia) at the Isidoro Falchi archaeological civic museum.

Other sites, in addition to the Etruscan ruins, include the Mura dell’Arce walls, of Greek descent, the Castle of Colonna (another name by which it is known is Vetulonia) that dates back to the seventh century A.D., the Castle of Casallia but also the abbey of San Bartolomeo of Sestinga, the Oratory of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the Chapel of Scala Santa and the church of the Saints Simon and Jude.

Also interesting is the folklore festival that involves a “Palla” tournament, the game of Greek origin taken up by the Romans, which takes place between late August and early September, the pasta festival of the tortello (July and August), the oil festival (second Sunday in November) and the Festival of St. William, which takes place on the Sunday closest to 10 February.
Choose Riva del Sole Resort & SPA for your holiday in Tuscany with your children or by yourself, and why not, also with your friends or with anyone you’d like.