Reserves and wildlife parks

The 4-star S hotel and 3-star residence Riva del Sole of Castiglione della Pescaia offers its customers everything they may want to better enjoy their holiday. Besides offering SPA, massage centre, solarium, 3 swimming pools, daytime and evening entertainment for children, restaurant with delicious international cuisine and a variety of on site shops, it also provides information on the area surrounding Riva del Sole; in this case it provides information on the Argentario and the Tuscan Archipelago, a definite “must-see”.

The Tuscan archipelago and Monte Argentario: amazing to see

The Mount Argentario, 71 km from Casiglione della Pescaia, is located south of Tuscany, in the province of Grosseto, and is a promontory joined to the mainland by Tombolo di Giannella and by Tombolo della Feniglia; from its height of 635 meters in the Punta Telegrafo area, the mountain overlooks the Tuscan archipelago, made up of seven major islands in addition to numerous islets and shallows.

Monte Argentario has many ports and towns; two examples are Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole where among other things you can rent boats to enjoy to the maximum the Tuscan Archipelago, the Cetacean Sanctuary, the beaches, the underwater caves and everything that this beautiful corner of paradise can offer, with many wonderful destinations reserved to those who do not feel like renting a boat.

The archipelago is like a veritable paradise with its crystal clear waters; in this area the Cetacean Sanctuary extends, where whales, dolphins and similar species breed in complete tranquillity and the same area is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, the largest marine park in the Mediterranean and Europe.
The seven main islands that make up the archipelago are the island of Elba, Giannutri, Capraia, Giglio, Gorgona, the island of Monte Cristo (where the famous novel by Dumas was set) and the island of Pianosa.

The wild beauty of the sandy shores and cliffs overlooking the sea, the actual sea so pure, crystal clearand pristine, but also the borders of the Mediterranean shrubland that form the basis of forests of oak and cork trees create a dream atmosphere, a true Mediterranean setting that is steeped in the colours and fragrances of rosemary and lavender and the delicate colours of the sea lily.

Clearly the Argentario and the Tuscan archipelago are not only about nature but also fun, which is why, especially on the main islands (Elba first and foremost), there are many opportunities to spend an evening at the different bars and nightclubs.
If you’re planning a holiday by the sea in Tuscany with your children – but also alone or with friends – have a look at the deals that Riva del Sole has created for you!