4-star S Hotel Resort & Spa Riva del Sole – Info and surrounding territory

Riva del Sole 4-star S Hotel and 3-star Residence is a structure that offers its guests the opportunity to spend a truly relaxing holiday in its 4-star S hotel or in one of more than 180 apartments scattered throughout its pine forest by the sea. Private beach, 3 swimming pools, daytime and evening entertainment for adults and children, a high class restaurant with international cuisine and all the reassurance offered by onsite medical assistance and a pharmacy are just some of the amenities that this 4-star S hotel offers its guests.

Below, Riva del Sole offers some information on the territory of Montalcino, famous for its excellent Brunello wine but also worth visiting for many other reasons!

Montalcino famous for Brunello and its Etruscan forts

78 km separate Montalcino from Castiglione della Pescaia and Riva del Sole. Precisely because of the distance, which is really quite small, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the magnificent area that has made the art of wine-making its symbol and pride, with the production of the sublime Brunello di Montalcino, a wine known and highly esteemed all around the world.

Thanks to its outstanding location, at the top of a hill, Montalcino dominates the valleys of the river Ombrone all’Asso; inhabited since prehistoric times (there are a number of finds from at least 30,000 B.C. !!!), it has passed through Etruscan rule (of which there are still many remains such as the most important Etruscan discovery, until now the only one in Italy unearthed in Civitella to the southwest three kilometers from Montalcino and consisting of a large fortress built 670 meters above sea level). Roman rule also left its mark: Montalcino as it is now was established in about the tenth century A.D., with alternating fortunes that saw the Guelfi, the Ghibellini and powerful Siena ruling over it.

In addition to tasting the excellent Brunello, there is much to see in beautiful Montalcino; we refer not only to the Etruscan stronghold but also to the Cathedral, the Abbey of St. Antimo, the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle (also called Badia Ardenga), the ancient walls with their many doors, the bishop’s palace, the town hall, the Astrusi Theatre and many other civic and religious buildings that will leave you speechless.

If you are looking for a holiday in Tuscany that is relaxing and rewarding that you can spend with complete peace of mind, have a look at the deals of the tourist village Riva del Sole: you will undoubtedly find one that suits your needs!